Parent Chat - Keeping Kids Safe Online
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Colette Taylor, The Orange Conference

Colette Taylor

"Adam and Matt are two of the best communicators I know. They are great to work with."

Wayne Slay, Pastor at The Avenue Church

Wayne Slay

"Every parent should know what their child is doing online. It doesn’t have to be scary, and the guys behind Parent Chat made it easy to understand."

Reader Reviews


"I would recommend this to any parent who is asking 'Should I be concerned about what my daughter is finding online?' I recommend it to counselors and pastors who are dealing with families wrestling with these topics."

"Matt has great insights that every parent, kids minister must read! I really was challenged to consider for myself how much time I spend on electronic 'tools.' When it comes to understanding the dangers of online culture Matt has a good grip. I would encourage anyone who has kids, grandkids to pick this up. He gives practical ways to begin conversations with kids about tech and how to set boundaries for them to safely use that tech."